March 24, 2012

Cool Handmade Stuff - March

Although it's a bit late in the month, I thought now would be the perfect time to begin a new Darla Dear tradition: Cool Handmade Stuff. Stuff that you never know you want, until you see it.

If you're like me, you often find yourself in need of a small incognito mirror while out and about, at school or work, because you swear there's something in your eye that you can't find, or you need to touch up your lipstick. This little pocket mirror does the trick, AND it's cute. Depeapa also makes unique geometric jewelry, painted tote bags, and some folksy art prints.

There are many things to love about this clock. First and foremost, there's a tiny little glass vase built in! You can wake up everyday to wildflowers on your side table! The minimal design and natural wood finish are also pretty neat. Namuwana is pretty new to the Etsy world, so pay them a visit!

These rain earrings are just so cute! You should definitely take a look at JooJooland's shop, it's full of elegant, beautifully made jewelry, and they're photographed so well too!

Leah Goren's shop is truly a gem. She not only creates these original collage kits, eliminating all the tedious cutting, pasting, and searching for good paper scraps, but she also makes printed scarves, head wraps, art prints, and watercolor cards! I want her to add more items so I can add them all to my favorites!

That's all this month! Please visit their shops and show them some love by favoriting, buying, or pinning their items! Let's help support the handmade community.


  1. Hannah PopperMarch 24, 2012

    I hope I inspired you to be a bit more crafty the other day! Can't wait to see what you do this week! :)

  2. Love that pocket mirror! Super cute stuff :) I'm lovin' the look of your whole blog, very sweet! :)


  3. One's creativity will surely be put to the test with these amazing hand made stuffs. Thanks for sharing.

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