January 19, 2012

About French Californian

I am the lady behind French Californian, but my real name is Hannah... although I like to think that if I were born French, my name would be √Čloise or Aurelie. I completed a degree in Art History & French from Cal State Long Beach! Thus far, my "adult" life has consisted of school and relocation; I've done a semester of art school in San Francisco, attended community college in my hometown, started university in Southern California, and experienced studying abroad in Paris. At the moment, my blog posts consist primarily of my own photography and life experiences, some personal style, and pretty much anything else I consider interesting or attractive. I am an INTP (for those psychology nerds who know what that is), so I'm constantly imagining possible futures for myself, and those dreams constantly change. I'm hoping that it at least involves a lot of travel and a lot of happiness, and it's bound to happen, because I'm certainly not one to settle.

About my Photography and Imagery:
Since getting an iPhone 5, I typically use that for quick pictures, since it's much easier to carry around than my DSLR. Otherwise, I use a Nikon D40 and two lenses, one regular, one zoom. I edit most of my images in Adobe Lightroom, or the VSCOcam app on the iPhone. As far as graphics go, I generally use my own photographs and Photoshop. You can find a couple resource links at the bottom of the page.

About my Personal Style:
My wardrobe mainly consists of black, gray, white, and burgundy. It can make for quite monotonous outfit posts, but it also makes putting things together a lot easier. I had to eliminate about 70% of my wardrobe when I moved to France, and it's actually been very refreshing.

About Studying Abroad
In a few words, studying abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever made, hands down. One of the hardest things I've overcome: leaving the safety of home, arriving in a new country where I'm terrified to speak the language, making the 3-train-transfer trek to my apartment, and once inside, realizing how utterly and terrifyingly alone you are. Add on top of that sheer exhaustion and culture shock, and you've got a girl who basically cried herself to sleep every single night for about a month. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, IT GET'S EXPONENTIALLY BETTER. If you're abroad right now and struggling with depression and homesickness, the only way you're going to break out of it, is to force yourself to! In this case, happiness doesn't just happen magically... You have the power to MAKE it happen. And that is true for most situations in life. Once I realized this, I was on a life-high for the next 4 months.

How to Reach Me:
You can email me at hannah.wilson27@gmail.com if you have any specific comments or questions, or you can find me on these other sites:
Instagram // Pinterest // Bloglovin // Society6

A Few Design Resources I've used:
Pugly Pixel
Romantic Fonts
Free Fonts

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  1. Amber @ life...unscriptedMarch 21, 2012

    hello dear hannah!
    i admire your cute blog and was wondering if you would like to do a guest post or giveaway on my blog (or both)
    let me know your thoughts
    you can find me at abranconier.blogspot.com
    or email me at abranconier@hotmail.ca


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