July 30, 2011

Huntington Gardens

It is time to beautify this blog! I visited Huntington Library & Gardens near Pasadena a couple weeks ago. For the ticket price, you not only get to roam wistfully around the themed gardens, surrounded by statues, you also get to go inside the old Huntington mansion/Art Museum as well as an old library where you can see extremely old books and even a Gutenberg Bible from 1455! If you're going to be nearby (when gardens typically are in bloom), you MUST go. Plus, they have a stellar gift shop. Being there makes me feel like I'm in an older, grander part of the country. It is harder to come by places like this on the west coast, so when I find them, I savor them.

Here are some shots of the gardens and beautiful statues.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures. I think you need to include more of your photography in your blog. It's always so beautiful.


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