March 1, 2012

Treasury - Pattern, Shape, and Color

In class, we've been studying Henri Matisse and Fauvism of the very early 20th Century. The characteristics of their paintings are: the love of surface patterning using flat shapes, and the unashamed use of pure, bright color (perhaps my next art history post will be about these rad dudes). I was inspired by this mini art movement, but replaced their super-saturated color palettes for a more refined and soothing one.

I had to research color names, and these are the three I came up with to describe this Treasury: light azure, pale peach, and camel. It's fun to search color terms in Google images and see what pops up... or maybe that's just a weird quirk of mine!


If you click here, you can take a closer look at each fantastically minimalist/modernist item. :)

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