August 4, 2012

Airport Outfit & One Top, Two Ways

The best thing to wear on long flights is something comfortable and simple. It's also good to wear a few thin layers, including one quite bulky item such as a trench coat, to save space in your luggage. This is especially helpful for me, as I'll be packing just ONE suitcase and ONE carry-on for a 5 month trip, and I don't want to pay the extra fee for overweight luggage! I've decided to put all my shoes and my laptop into my carry-on bag, since those are items that weigh quite a bit.

I plan on wearing my new flat oxfords and some comfortable, rolled-to-the-ankle pants. This outfit is a contender, but I don't think it'll take the Airport Outfit Gold Medal (Olympic pun?!).

I scored this great backpack at TJ Maxx. I was resisting buying a backpack at first, afraid it would look juvenile in Paris. But the leather paneling brings it up a notch in sophistication, I think. Plus, it'll save my back a lot of aches and pains when I go to class everyday. For the flight, I'll put a few choice beauty products, my camera, important documents, and a scarf inside. Perhaps I'll do a post on packing soon.

Here's this top styled in a different way! Sheer cream tops are the best wardrobe staple I've come across so far, in addition to a neutral trench coat. I may do a post on basic essentials soon, having purchased so many for Paris lately.
Pants: Urban Outfitters BDG cigarette high rise jean // Top: TJ Maxx // Shoes: Born // Backpack: TJ Maxx // Skirt: Forever21 // Belt: Thrifted


  1. The outfits are cute! I was scouting out a sheer top at goodwill yesterday. They really are a great staple and your top is so chic! That backpack is so grownup and it looks so roomy :)
    Good luck and have a safe flight!

  2. Adore the backpack! Definitely has a little grownup flair to it!
    xo Heather

  3. Cute outfits! People always call me crazy for this, but I ADORE long flights. Boarding on one continent and landing on another, now that is just the coolest thing ever. Hope yours is great! xoxo

    1. I completely know what you mean! I dislike how cramped and uncomfortable I am, but that is nothing compared to that "traveling to far away places" feeling!

  4. Just came from the airport, and I didn't look even look half as cute as you! I feel your pain though! I just came back from Europe with only ONE suitcase too. Such a pain for us gals, eh?

    found the route

  5. You look darling in both ensembles, but as a skirt loving lady I can't help but lean towards the skirt and cream top choice for the airport. I love your backpack and think it's totally Paris appropriate.


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