September 9, 2012

Ile-Saint-Louis & Berthillon Ice Cream

The second part of our day consisted of exploring the smaller of Paris' islands - Île-Saint-Louis. This island's claim to fame is Berthillon, ice creamery. It is the home to many (very) rich people, some charming shops, and a restaurant called, in English, Our Ancestors the Gauls. Now, this restaurant was closed, but when I spied animal furs, helmets, and swords hanging in the windows, I was very intrigued. We later learned that an experience at this restaurant consists of communal seating, hearty caveman-like dishes, and a raucous, loud atmosphere. Sounds like the perfect antidote once I've tired of the classic, refined French cafe scene.

I highly recommend getting some Berthillon ice cream. The main store is often closed (because French), but tons of restaurants in Paris serve their goods. I got a cone with THREE flavors. Vanilla, Coconut, and Melon. I should have just had melon because it was so freaking delicious! ...Have I mentioned that I am now addicted to melon? France has turned me into a melon freak. Their melons are very sweet, and all their produce is so much better than stuff at US grocery stores. You've heard the rumors, and I've come to tell you that they're pretty much true. Most food is indeed better here.

{Mmmm Ice Cream}
{The melon flavor matches my blouse}
{My new friend!}
{Adorable yellow gourmet shop}

I also have an outfit for you bloggers out there!
{Brown pleated midi skirt, peach blouse, new sunnies}

{Just sittin' by the Seine}

It was an extremely stupid idea to wear these shoes for a day full of walking. I regret wearing them so much right now. Don't try to be fancy when you have a lot of walking to do! It's torture!


  1. Oh, you don't have to recommend getting ice cream to me twice! Sold! I also hope that this is a place I can go to whenever I visit France! Your outfit is darling, by the way, and while the shoes may have hurt your feet, it made for some great outfit photos! -Jessica


  2. Sometimes we must put function before form. It's not always pretty, but it's better than the "torture." :)
    You are soooo cute!

  3. Love your outfit and your photos! Everything looks great! did you ever consider scheduling your posts in advance through blogger so they post at selected intervals during the week? that way even if you don't have internet access they can still post regularly which will attract more traffic! :)


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