September 9, 2012

Inside Notre Dame

Daniela and I finally had a free day this Saturday, so one of the things we decided to do was explore the two islands of the Seine. We started by seeing the interior of Notre Dame.

I love seeing inside Gothic Cathedrals - they're so full of mystery and beautiful light. I love the pointed shapes and heavy stone. Being inside a place like this makes me feel safe and calm. Although, it's really hard to keep hoards of tourists silent inside such a large space that is prone to extreme echoing. The church has a track they play every hour or so that says "sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - silence please."

{Some photos are a bit blurry because it was really dark inside}

{Notre Dame's rose windows are famous. Unfortunately, I don't remember why they're famous.}

{This chapel had some good light}
{More stained glass!}
{And more!}

{I love the layered look of Gothic arches}

Seeing the stained glass made me want to visit Ste. Chapelle even more!! I'm irritated that I haven't gone yet!

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