October 24, 2012


There are many types and notions of Adventure. Literal, figurative, travel, accomplishing a goal...

While watching the opening scene of The Sound of Music - you know, the one where she's frolicking on the most breathtaking hillside below snow-capped mountains - I had the longing to be surrounded by nature like that. Which is weird, because I've never had that desire. Since I couldn't find a suitable video clip of the opening scene, here's the greatest song in a movie-musical, ever:
Prelude And The Sound Of Music by Sound of Music on Grooveshark

The kind of adventure I want is an outdoor, discover-the-majesty-of-nature kind of adventure. I suppose you always want what you don't have, not that I'm unhappy to be having a Parisian adventure, but I think the next trip I take will be of a different kind.

Perhaps taking a road trip up the California coast to visit Big Sur?
Or maybe hiking the Machu Picchu trail?
Or maybe visiting Portland and exploring all the beautiful surrounding forest land?

I have no idea where else I'll go or what else I'll do in the future, but it's definitely going to have lots of adventure. I'm going to enjoy my time here in Paris, return to Cali and soak in the lifestyle I'm already starting to miss, make new friends, perhaps travel to Louisiana to visit friends I've made here, finish up university, and who knows what else. The despite all the tough stuff (which may or may not include a breakup) the future looks so bright.

Source: etsy.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Where do you guys want to go? What will be your next adventure?


  1. Adventure is the best, and these photos are all stunning
    xo Heather

  2. i love the sound of music & i live for adventure. great post! if i could go anywhere right now, i'd love to visit thailand.



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