October 17, 2012

Let go.

Lately I've been having a real problem with letting go. And when I read this horoscope by chance (I never read them), and it resonated deeply, I knew I had an issue.

{last month's horoscope via Free People}

I won't be able to fully embrace or enjoy my time in Paris without letting go of the past and ex-boyfriends. Actually, this doesn't apply to just Paris, but to life in general. I can choose to wait and hope and fret about if things will change in the future, or how things could have gone differently, but that won't change a darn thing. Doing that will just make me miserable. I've always had a hard time letting go, partially because it feels like I'll loose control, and partially because I can be very prideful.

The problem is, how do I let go? Is it just a simple decision? Or are there "coping mechanisms"?

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