April 9, 2014

Found Objects of April

Things have been relatively quiet over here lately. I've been running small errands around Versailles and quietly searching out new inspirations to keep me feeling interested and alive, and some of the things that keep me going are the creations of other humans: blogs, artist portfolios, new music, etc. There's an entire world of creativity that exists and thrives on the internet, I'd even say that the interwebs, at least for those who have access to it, has become integrated into our very concept of reality - or at least has become an expression of it. Today, you can see nearly the entire world from your computer screen, things that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. I think it's so amazing - so let me share some of what I've found with you.

I've titled this new series "Found Objects" because each link or tid-bit or song is something I've stumbled upon whilst strolling through the internet, much like found-objects within artistic practice are discovered: by chance.

First, is this playlist I've assembled for you. For the past year or so, I've been enamoured with electronic anthems that get the blood pumping, but lately none of that has felt right. I haven't listened to any music at all, since I wasn't sure what I liked, or what felt like me anymore. I think we all go through seasons and changes in life, and I feel like I'm just now starting to discover what my next season will feel like. Instead of the electro-hip vibe I've been ruminating in since my first stay in Paris, I've been hearkening back a bit more towards my high-school indie-ish loves - think Elliot Smith, Radiohead's In Rainbows album, Damien Rice, and The Frames. Many of the songs below, however, have an electronic element. Most are picked from albums that are genre-bending, slightly strange, a bit dark, and best listened to full-length and meditatively through good-quality headphones (or loudly in a car, a luxury I no longer have here in France).
April 9th 2014 by Hannah Wilson on Grooveshark

Next, is Olivia Rae James, who has a photography portfolio and blog that are overflowing with gorgeous photography. The kind of photography that is both visually stunning, yet easy-to-understsand. She captures the real magic of everyday scenes. No scene is over-aggrandized, yet everything she captures enchants the eye.

Culture Keeper is where Jonathan Randall Grant assembles the experiences, collaborations, vision, and imagery of his life. He shares his unique and uncomplicated perspective with others, and I love his honest writing style. It is not a typical, run-of-the-mill site, and he is not a typical person - and that's what makes it so nice to explore.

Anomie is an online shop, recently opened by a young lady called Chelsea, who does a mighty fine job of assembling a superb collection of homewares, accessories, and clothing that are entirely handmade. Most of the brands she stocks are small, start-up companies. She also has a little YouTube channel called ChelseaWears, and she's a delightful person!

I really enjoyed putting together this post. I think I'll make a habit of it every month, if I remember, that is ;)

Until next time.

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