May 10, 2012

Pretty Handmade Jewelry

Hey there! The last few weeks I've been really busy with school, and my blogging has really been sparse. But I'm back with another Handmade Stuff feature! This time I'm featuring some unique jewelry from some creative Etsy artists. Enjoy!


If you haven't heard of White Owl's stunning and delicate lace jewelry yet, the time is now. The way they use each piece of lace is so creative! You MUST check out their shop, I wanted to add every single one of their pieces to my favorites.

There are three things I love about this bracelet: the combination of gold and jade green, the combining of different textures, and the tiny bell - which probably sounds like a fairy has come to play every time you move your arm. For an Etsy shop, BrassLady has A TON, and I mean A LOT, of items up for sale. And to put the cherry on top, everything is priced really well.

I find this necklace rather unique. It is a chevron shape, but unlike most other chevron necklaces out there, which are very straight-edged and geometric, FriedaSophie's is made of natural-looking, rough-edged beads. Plus, the colors are amazing.

What more can be said about embroidered jewelry?! It's so pretty, it doesn't need explaining. Visit Abbey Vanderlin's shop!

That's all this month! Please visit their shops and show them some love by favoriting, buying, or pinning their items! Let's help support the handmade community.


  1. these are really cool. i love handmade jewelry--SO unique

  2. Wow, everything is beautiful! I love the color palette. That's one of my faves too these days! :)


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