January 24, 2013

New Tunes, etc.

Here's a bit of what I've been listening to/looking at lately. Lots of electronic-type music, and of course some favorites from pinterest and/or tumblr.

super cool by Hannah Wilson on Grooveshark

The guy from Discovery is also part of Vampire Weekend, the band that was the soundtrack to my last four summer vacations. And Metronomy - their sound effects are so unique and I love them for it! St. Lucia has this amazing 80's throwback/echoey kind of magic. And the music video for Baby Baby Baby consists of three naked girls strutting down Rue Mouffetard in Paris, in plain daylight. So french. Also, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' songs have the perfect tempo for walking swiftly with purpose with headphones in. I'm quite excited because I bought tickets to see St. Lucia in February! Can't wait.

{Loving this simple, easy style right now, it's even been warm enough to wear this during the day here in LA!}

{Hopefully getting an iPhone soon, and I may be slightly more excited about buying myself an adorable phone case, haha}

{Ordered these shirts on Urban Outfitters, all were on sale! I'm changing up my style a bit, wearing more black and slightly more edgy things}

Let me know what you think of the music, my recent purchases, or iphone cases!

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