January 22, 2013

Rainy Day in Montmartre

Here's a nutshelled update: My friend Natalie visited me in Paris for the holidays, I came back to the US two weeks ago leaving some really good friends and a Swedish lover behind, I moved into my new place in SoCal yesterday, and I start school tomorrow!

Actually, I just taped 22 postcards on my wall as decoration. I had plenty of postcards, seeing as I bought about 5 from each place I visited :P

I have A TON of Paris pictures, so I think to "catch up" I'll just occasionally post a random assortment of them for your viewing enjoyment. So first up, MONTMARTRE! the magical quarter of wonderful views, charming hills, rustic cobblestones, art, and romance.

{Made me think of hobbits}

{Translation: Young Canadian student who loves art and cuisine is looking for a roommate, either with a family or with other students. On the hill of Montmartre, a neighborhood which he adores.}

{This guy walked by at the inopportune time}

{basement of a vintage shop called Chine Machine}

{Right near Chine Machine, this place was full of gilt frames and mirrors}


  1. These photos are wonderful! God, I wish I could live in Paris so bad. Someday...

  2. OH, so beautiful! I hope your trip was splendid!

  3. Just breath taking!
    xo Taylor


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